Hyperbaric Medicine Practice (3rd Edition)

Hyperbaric Medicine Practice (3rd Edition)





Publication date2008

EditorEric P. Kindwall MD and Harry T. Whelan MD


Widely acknowledged as the definitive reference source of its kind, Hyperbaric Medicine Practice is back in a new 3rd Edition. With contributions from an impressive list of world experts, the material covered in this text is authoritative and wide-ranging, and once again combines to solidify this text as the standard in the field of hyperbaric medicine. 

This Edition retains its original three-part format;
Part One: General Considerations, Part Two: Disorders Approved for Hyperbaric Treatment and Part Three: Investigational Areas. 

Many changes and advancements have been made in the field of hyperbaric medicine since the last revision of this text. Among them are the management of compromised wounds, and the treatment of carbon monoxide with HBO. With new chapters and many extensively re-written ones, this Edition is updated and revised, and the comprehensive and up-to-date references make it a must for any medical practice. 

It is the hope of the authors that this book will remain an up-to-date reference text useful for both clinicians and researchers in the field of hyperbaric medicine. (Hardcover: 1076 pages)

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