Wound Care Practice (2nd Edition)

Wound Care Practice (2nd Edition)



ISBN: 9781930536388

Author: Paul J Sheffield, PhD and Caroline E. Fife, MD, Editors

Binding: Hardcover

Publication date: 2007

Editor: Paul J Sheffield, PhD and Caroline E. Fife, MD

Edition: Second

Chronic wounds are a major cause of patient suffering and a profound financial burden to society. The focus of this long awaited Second Edition is assessment and management of chronic wounds in a Wound Care Practice. Physicians, podiatrists, nurses, enterostomal therapists, physical therapists, occupational therapists and other health care professionals will find in this book the principles of modern, moist, interactive wound care, and the application of advanced therapeutic technologies.

As the complexity of wound management increases, clinicians come to the field from many diverse specialties. This book represents the combined efforts of 65 authors selected from the basic sciences and clinical practice who bring their insights and unique experiences to these two volumes and enhance its value both as an educational text and as an enduring reference. Because of the wealth of knowledge and growth in wound care technology this new Second Edition of the definitive text Wound Care Practice has expanded into two volumes. 
(Hardcover: Full-color, 1312 pages, two volumes) - 511 photos, charts, graphs illustrations

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