Wagner Ulcer Grade Classification Poster

Wagner Ulcer Grade Classification Poster


This Wagner Ulcer Grade Classification Poster is a necessity for wound care centers and especially for facilities and institutions that include hyperbaric chambers. The illustrations are highly detailed and easy to comprehend. 

The Wagner Ulcer Grade Classification System is used to establish the presence of depth and infection in a wound. More recently this Classification System has been helpful in identifying diabetics with wounds of the lower extremity. The addition by Medicare of a new treatable indication with hyperbaric oxygen therapy of the DIABETIC WOUNDS OF THE LOWER EXTREMITY has brought the Wagner Ulcer Scale into the spotlight.

The poster includes a guide on HYPERBARIC OXYGEN THERAPY and at what point it can be initiated for patients suffering from diabetic wounds of the lower extremities. It offers details on hyperbaric oxygen therapy and which ICD-9-CM codes are acceptable (mainly by CMS/Medicare) for HBO therapy - information comes from the (NCD) National Coverage Determination by Medicare as well as the latest (LCD's) published by numerous Medicare contractors throughout the USA.

Having this poster readily available in the treatment room can give your physicians and practitioners confidence in grading their diabetic wounds of the lower extremity appropriately. The educational value of this poster is tremendous and it also acts as a constant guide for busy practitioners.

The all NEW Wagner Scale Poster is printed on high quality stock and measures at 18" x 24".

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